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Restauranttopia: A Show for Local Independent Restaurants

Oct 8, 2022

Roger Beaudoin

Founder of Restaurant Rockstars Podcast and Educational Platform, Operator, Author, Consultant


Trackable Marketing…That Costs Very Little Money


 What’s old becomes new again. 


In spite of the most amazing marketing technology available to businesses out there, good ol’ fashioned grass roots campaigns are still very viable.  In fact, in a digital world with online relationships, the face-to-face efforts can be refreshing and nostalgically cool. 


Exclusive coupons, loyalty clubs, scratch offs, kickbacks and partnerships are all still on the table, and it takes almost nothing to get them going. 


And, with every tactic of this ilk, the tracking is very, very easy. 


Why tracking? 


Well, you want to know if your efforts were effective.  If you see a lot of the coupons, scratch offs and referral cards in your cash drawer after a shift, you now have a finite measure of just how popular each campaign was.   If popular, run it back.  If not, move on. 


Also, with these sorts of things, you know exactly what guests leveraged your offer(s), what they ordered, how much they spent and whether or not they brought friends! 
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